My Coaching Story

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Twenty-one for most is parties, traveling and living life to the beat of their drum. For me it was saying goodbye to my dreams of dancing professionally across the world, as I welcomed a new life of motherhood. I found myself struggling to hold on to who I was and find out who I wanted to become. 


I left a career I loved in esthetics so that I could be home in the days with my daughter, taking up a career in the restaurant industry so I could work nights. After going along the path of unfulfilling long-hour, mentally draining work I began to question who I was and what I wanted, causing me to become a single mom a year after my daughter was born.


As the years passed I found myself working only to achieve the next level at my jobs. I wanted to move up so I could make more money and have freedom to enjoy the luxuries of life. As a perfectionist I began to drown myself in my work to try and create a bright future for my family.

Everything started to revolve around making more money to support my family, and less and less about what made me happy outside of being a mom.


Through the years since then I was able to create a new life for myself, a new job and bigger family. Unfortunately I still felt unfulfilled, burnt out, unconfident, lost, and once again drowning in work. I didn’t realize that my perfectionism to be the best mother and give my family the best life was leaving me feeling like I was never enough. Always full of guilt when I was doing something for me instead of my family, I made excuses to never have enough time to do x,y,z because my children need me.


I felt like I had nothing left, no energy, no spark, just an exhausted mom dreaming of the day she made enough out of herself so that she could have more time, energy and possibly… a life of her own. 

Wondering when I was going to feel like “myself” again, trying to remember what it's like to just be me for a day.



One day while I was on maternity leave for the third time, I was researching courses to help me add more education to my belt. I was again striving for that perfection, I wanted my growing family to have everything they needed and wanted. I felt like I wasn’t making enough, doing enough; I felt like I needed to do more for them, be more for them.


I was sitting on the couch scrolling through my phone as the depression started to sweep over me, and then it hit me. 


I was tired of climbing the corporate ladder, was this my life now? Am I going to feel like this until my kids have moved out before I get to do something I love? For what purpose was it essential for me to work towards a particular title? Why did I think that having a 9-5 was the “adult” way to work and that it was the only solution to what I needed to achieve financially? I was so caught up in wanting to fit in, be the ideal mom with the ideal job and the “normal” lifestyle, I lost sight of who I was as a person. So I began to think to myself, “Who am I now?... Who do I want to be?... What will bring me joy?” I realized I hadn’t asked myself those questions in a very long time, and I didn't have an answer to any of them.


So began my journey into my personal development. I bought and read countless books, working on my self love and mindset, which then led me to researching coaching. I started taking online courses to expand my knowledge and eventually found myself a coach. As I learned, practiced and received coaching, I began to change. I realized exactly who I was at that point, who I wanted to become moving forward, what exactly is important to me and how to create my own joy. I gained clarity on everything I was so unsure of before and the moment I did, everything started to fall into place.




Now I’m an Internationally Accredited Life Coach and NLP practitioner. I continue to work on myself daily, and I have accepted that I am enough today and always, I don’t need to achieve a particular title or income to feel enough. I know that the woman I am today is enough for me, and for my family. I’m able to take the time I need for self care without guilt as I know when I’m the best version of myself it’s to the benefit of my family. I can now lead by example for my children as I hope they can learn from me and not make my mistakes and feel the pains I realize now was not necessary to feel.


I have created a business of my own, that gives me the freedom and fulfillment that I was lacking in all my previous careers. It allows me to work with my  9-5 job but now, I do not feel the need to exhaust myself in taking on more than what is expected of me. I am able to see where I can reserve some of my energy and save it for my family, allowing me to have the time and energy with them I’ve wanted so badly to have. 


I would still be that lost, burnout, unconfident girl if I had never found coaching but today I’m proud of who I am, confident in the new version of myself and passionately driven to fulfill my vision.


I want others to experience this change too, and that’s why I became a coach. I wish I found coaching sooner but I want to help spread the word and change the world. I want people to know that you can change if you’re not happy with your current position. You can become the person you’ve always dreamed of being, you are enough and you can have that vision that seems so far away. It’s just a matter of getting extremely clear on what that vision is and then creating it. If you have felt any of the struggles I have, I would love to chat with you and help you get to the place you want to be.