Passion for Life.

Are you ready to start taking actionable steps towards a passion filled career?

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  • Do you feel like a prisoner to your job because of your growing list of bills?

  • Is your current job “temporary” but you have yet to start taking steps to get to your calling?

  • Does it feel like you just don’t have the “time or money” to invest in yourself?

  • Are you secretly afraid that you are not worthy of the lifestyle you dream of?

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Girl, I was there too!


There was a time when I didn’t believe I was smart, strong, or capable enough to even consider having my own business. I felt like I could only ever work for someone because I wasn't worthy of creating my own success and I was afraid that I would fail & be a total embarrassment.


Flash forward to the women you see today. 


I’m currently working my 9-5 to give me the stability I need while I grow my business. I'm constantly enrolling in new courses and expanding my knowledge. I am also a fully certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and a business owner! And I f*cking love my life!


There is no one size fits all mold for success but I am living my best life. I like that I have the security of my 9-5 while I’m in my first years of business, and I like that I have a business that lights me up while adding extra cash flow to my life!


I still manage to have a healthy balance of work and rest while raising my 3 children and being an equal partner to my hubby.


This is my life, you may want something just like it or maybe completely different! The moral of this story is you get to decide what you want your life to look like, if you take the right steps to get there!

I know there is so much that holds us back:

  • Self worth

  • Self doubt

  • Fear (oh the so many branches of fear)

  • Mental blocks

  • Past Trauma


Just to name a few…


Meet your coach & new bestie Ang!
Certified Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

"I too have had to dance with mental blocks, sister wounds, lack of self worth, past traumas... you name it! It’s because I’ve danced with them all that I have created the Passion for Life 1:1 Coaching Program.


With my program I help you move through it all, using NLP techniques to deep dive into your subconscious to help make the most powerful changes. 


This program is structured to help you uncover and heal what is holding you back, delete and restructure unhelpful patterns and help you create the mindset and self worth needed to be successful in achieving that dream life, in whatever form that comes for you."

How to get started

  1. Click the “Book Now” button on this page. This will bring you to my calendar so we can have a little chat and see if we would work well together.

  2. Book your first session!


How is works

  1. First session is up to 120 mins, this is so we can customize and outline the next 11 weeks just for you!

  2. Attend the following weekly 60 min sessions

  3. Complete weekly journal exercises

  4. Receive a self paced, Self Discovery workbook

  5. End your 12 weeks with a new Passion for Life!

If you don’t start taking steps towards a life of passion now, when will you?

  • Your kids are learning from you, is this the example you want them to follow?

  • The memories you are creating, is this the version of you you want be remember by?

  • When you look back 5 years from now, when did you start?... Did you even start yet?


Join my program and you will…

  • Learn how to navigate fear

  • Build your self worth and awareness

  • Create a powerful mindset

  • Start taking actionable steps towards a life you love

  • Be a shining example for your children and loved ones

  • Start living with a Passion for Life!

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What's included?

  • 1 Deep Dive Session (120 minutes)

  • 11 x 60 minute weekly Zoom sessions

  • Printable self discovery workbook

  • Personalized belief break strategy

  • Timeline and Hypnotherapy options

  • Text and message support outside of sessions

Payment Options

Pay in Full: 


2 Monthly Payments:


3 Monthly Payments:


Having a passion for life means to wake up excited to start your day. To know that even if you're not exactly where you want to be, that you are actively working towards it everyday. To have a passion for life means that you feel joy from what you do to how you spend your extra hours, even if they are only glimpses at the start.


When you have a Passion for Life, nothing will stop you or bring you down because your passion is strong and true.


When we all live with a passion for life, the world is filled with love.


Join me now, and start living with a passion.... For Life!